Ecology and the Local Community

Our philosophy is to endeavor to make as small an ecological footprint on the area as possible. All of the buildings have been constructed using local materials, including stones from the bed of the nearby Rapti River, and the heating for the water is generated using solar power. Sewage and “grey” water (shower, tap and cleaning water) are diverted to separate tanks so that they can be put to separate uses; grey water is used for watering the garden, and the contents of the septic tanks are used to generate biogas to fuel our kitchen and our vehicles. This is why we request guests not to flush anything down the toilet except human waste

The wood for the camp fire is dead wood from the community forest which we are allowed to collect. We also filter our own water, and boil it, to ensure that we use as few plastic containers as possible; any plastic used by our guests or ourselves is recycled wherever possible, as are paper, cardboard and glass.

We also contribute to the local community, both economically and by assisting in community based projects. Unless unavoidable, we only employ local people, and x% of the lodge’s profits are devoted to local projects. These projects are chosen following consultation with community leaders, and the funds allocated to them are monitored through to the completion of the project.