The activities you can enjoy depend on the length of your stay, the season and the weather and will be discussed with you on your arrival at the lodge. The lodge has a staff of expert naturalists and guides who will accompany you on each activity and who will impart detailed knowledge of the wildlife, flora and fauna that you see.

Elephant Safari

One of the most popular activities at Eco Wildlife Lodge, the elephant safari gives you a vantage point from which to see rhinoceros, deer, wild boar, monkeys, birds and many other smaller animals, and, if you are lucky, maybe the leopard or the tiger.

Nature Walk

Our expert naturalists lead you on a tour to view animals and birds (and maybe the odd reptile) in their natural habitats. They will also explain the medicinal, culinary and other uses of the vegetation that you pass.

Jungle Drive

By arrangement, after a short drive to the National Park Headquarters at Kasara, you can drive deep into the heart of the park, which gives the opportunity to see a wider diversity of species.

Canoe Ride

River conditions permitting, a traditional dugout canoe takes you down the Rapti River to view birds, crocodiles, animals on the river bank and perhaps even the rare Gangetic Dolphin. Life jackets are, of course, provided. This is followed by a walk back to the Lodge.

Bird Watching

There are more than 500 species of birds in the Chitwan area, and our experienced naturalists accompany you to show you some of them.

Wildlife Movies Show

You will see a great deal of wildlife during your stay with us, but there is much you will miss, and our wildlife movie show by our experience naturalists share their knowledge with you.

Elephant Briefing

Do you know how to tell the difference between an African and an Asian elephant apart from the size of their ears? Our elephant briefing, illustrated with one of our elephants, imparts a wealth of information about elephants and their habits.

Tharu Stick Dance

The Tharu moved into this area over 800 years ago and, although other immigrants have arrived more recently, are still a distinctive cultural group. The stick dance, usually performed by young men, takes place in a circle and exhibits masterly precision and timing.

Elephant Bathing and Swimming

After a hard morning taking guests on safari and gathering fodder from the area our elephants like nothing better than a nice cooling bath in the river (apart from in winter). You are welcome to join them, or watch the fun from the riverside.

Village Walk

A major part of experiencing any country is understanding how its people live. Our village walk gives an insight into the lives of the people of the area.