Accomodation & Facilities


There are 22 twin-bed cottage style rooms, each within easy reach of the garden and other facilities. All cottages have a view of the community forest. The rooms have standard, but comfortable, furniture and a veranda. They have private bathrooms, including showers heated by solar power, and electric lighting. All the furnishings within the rooms are traditional and the majority have been made in Nepal.

Garden, Bar and Fireplace

The garden provides a peaceful area in which to relax, and is within easy reach of a well-stocked Bar. The bar offers a wide variety of imported and local spirits, wines, beers, soft drinks and cocktails, including the delicious Eco Lodge Sunset which was invented by one of the owners. It is a relaxing places where you can enjoy your drink whilst watching the sun go down. The bar remains open for as long as there are guests to serve!

The open fireplace is the ideal place for guests to sit on chilly evenings and enjoy local cultural activities, such as the Tharu Stick Dance, or swap stories of events during the day. Although singing around the campfire is traditional, it isn’t compulsory!

Dining Hall

The dining hall offers Nepalese, Continental, Indian and Chinese dishes, hygienically prepared to safeguard your health. Special dietary requirements can also be accommodated. Guests are welcome to visit the kitchen at any time to watch meals being prepared, or even to learn how to cook traditional Nepali food.

Meeting Hall

The meeting hall is where you will be welcomed on arrival, and where our regular presentations of the wildlife, flora, fauna and culture of the area are held.